How to find a job around Graduation Time

Here are some tips to help you get an early foot in the door of the job market

For many college students, graduating can be an overwhelming experience, to say the least. During those last few weeks you don’t tend to see past the exams, the pressure and even the graduation ceremony. However, it is important to look ahead – once you graduate where do you go from here? It’s necessary to be proactive when it comes to finding a job. The business job market sees a ton of applicants every day with similar qualifications. So, you need to be proactive, even before you graduate. That job is not going to come to you. Here are some ways to help improve your chances of finding a job in the exciting world of business.

Firstly, take the pressure off yourself a little

A lot of graduates are always under the impression that as soon as they graduate, they will land their ultimate dream job. Although this may be the case for some, it is the exception and not the rule. To avoid post-graduation disappointment, don’t focus on landing your dream job right away. Instead, focus on what can get you there eventually. Whatever job you take, it probably won’t be your last, see it as part of gaining experience. Don’t be let down by the thought that this isn’t where you saw yourself after studying. Use it to network, develop skills and gain insight, which will be to your benefit, making you even more employable.

Be proactive in your last few weeks as a student

While you should still be enjoying your days as a student, remember when to get serious amidst all the fun. It will be beneficial to decide what your goals are once leaving college, whether it’s a job offer, or an internship you are after. When you have some spare time, set up an appointment with a career counsellor. If you haven’t signed up with LinkedIn already, create an account. It’s also a good idea to check all your profiles on social media to make sure your future employer won’t discover something that may count against hiring you. Now is also a good time to update your resume. Once you feel prepared, start browsing job listings, and proceed with applying.

Put yourself out there through networking

You should view everyone as a potential networking resource, from other students and friends to teachers and professors. You never know where a conversation with any of them about the field you are interested in, may lead. With the job market being so vast, networking is vital to increase your chances of getting a job in your career path. It’s also important to keep in contact and follow up with people you’ve networked with, this will keep you fresh in their minds so that when they see a job opportunity they may think of you.

Be open-minded and apply to everything

Be flexible and apply for many different jobs, even if they are not exactly in your field. The more job applications you send out, the better your chances of landing a job. By not limiting yourself to only one company you have in mind, or one ideal position, you will prevent yourself from missing out on opportunities, which may help further your career. Another mistake applicants make is not proofreading their cover letters, resumes and even their emails. Don’t compromise a great job opportunity with a spelling mistake.

While having a qualification in business from a reputable institution is fundamental to getting a job in many business fields, most employers tend to favour applicants who have had previous work experience. Fortunately, larger organisations offer internships that can lead to permanent employment. You can also apply to small to medium enterprises (SMEs) by forwarding a detailed resume and cover letter. Make use of college career events where large companies are often present. Recruitment agencies will also make the job search a lot easier for you, providing valuable information for applying to the industry you are interested in.

Get out there, and good luck!