Kingston College partners up with LKN Accounting Group

Graduates often find themselves in a catch-22 whereby they need experience to get a job, but can’t get a job because they do not have sufficient experience.

“Kingston College has always strongly believed in giving students as much real-world exposure as possible. Due to the nature of the market, finding placements for childcare and commercial cookery students has always been a simple matter. However conventionally, the education industry has struggled to find suitable placements for commerce students. That’s why we are really excited about our partnership with LKN Accounting Group,” said Michael Rodrigues, the Business Development Manager at Kingston College.

In November of this year, Kingston College and LKN Accounting Group will launch an Internship Program which will enable high performing students (business, marketing and leadership) from Kingston College to gain valuable work experience in the fast-paced corporate environment of Perth CBD. Participating students will be placed in a role that is aligned with their studies for a period of up to 3 months – and to ensure that students are capable of balancing their studies and work, students will be fully paid for the duration of their internship.

This initial experience will give students a marked advantage over their peers on graduation. If students play their cards right, it might even land them a full-time position with LKN Accounting Group.

Atsuyuki Nakabeppu, Tax Manager of LKN Accounting Group said, “As a young, dynamic and rapidly growing firm, we are constantly on the lookout for fresh, talented individuals to join our diverse team. Kingston’s graduates have the necessary skills and international exposure that allows us to provide innovative services to achieve the compliance and growth objectives of our clients.”

LKN Accounting Group is an accounting firm which specializes in compliance, tax, auditing and bookkeeping. Founded in 2014, LKN Accounting Group has rapidly expanded to serve over 15,000 business and individual clients. For more information on LKN Accounting Group, head on over to: